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like i wonder who thought serbia vs albania
in serbia
would be a good idea?

president snow?

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I Hit It First.

Blanco Y Rojo. Fuego Consuelo. Tell Me You Gotta Light? @marlborokuj

pvssyhunta: Oh thanks!! And whats the beanie? Ive been looking for a nice beanie for ages

Corner store - $1

// Let Me Teach You How To Layer //

leilei47: U got any inspirations that helped develop the idea of Bönd?

1960’s Parisian Fashion Houses. 1960’s was the first time youth revolted. First time high fashion broke away from its comfort zone. That’s the shit that inspires me

NYC garment district depresses me

Anonymous: Are you aware the 'Ö' in BÖND means the name is pronounced like "beeerhndd" . Or did you just want to use fancy characters to look edgy

Think Mötley Crüe