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Anonymous: Are you aware the 'Ö' in BÖND means the name is pronounced like "beeerhndd" . Or did you just want to use fancy characters to look edgy

Think Mötley Crüe

ccvr: Dope blog bro. Followed! 🙏

Preciate you

Anonymous: are you behind bond?

Yes BÖND is my company

For Baby 💎


Thirst Shirt ft Ev Bravado Out Now

Anonymous: Do you have any suggestions for good cardigans in the price range of $100-$200?

Honestly not sure rn - wait a till this fall winter pushes out more and get back to me

12cmk: Hey I'm starting to post my photography on tumblr & I would love to show the world, it would mean the world, if you took the time to check it out & follow me back? Have a nice day 🌸☺️ bisous.

No doubt

pvssyhunta: hey will you be so kind to tell me what jeans youre wearing in the pic with the rafs and elusha007 ? those are so good i bet u made it by yourself tho

Which rafs? Probably all saints cigarette jeans